Patient Testimonials

Art LaChance's Testimonial

In 2004 I hit a golf ball with my driver, completely wrong, and threw my lower back out. A couple months later I did the same thing and whammo my upper back/neck went with it. By that time I was taking handfuls of ibuprofen and the pain in both areas became unbelievable. I'd been to two chiropractors by that time. The nerve down my right arm started burning and I took an opportunity to try an Asian acupuncturist in Atlanta - which only worked temporarily - over three visits. Tried another chiropractor, third version, and that didn't work either. By mid 2005 I had developed heart palpitations as a direct result of taking ibuprofen over a long period of time, so I switched to Aleve. Literally I was at my wits end. Having been a believer in chiropractic for decades, I knew it was a spinal dislocation issue and not a "disease", and I didn't want prescription meds to possibly get addicted to. In late 2007, I heard about Family Life from one of my wife's coworkers and decided I had absolutely nothing to lose and got an appointment with Dr. Donna. Truthfully I thought a 'girl' would never have the 'strength' to straighten me out after all this time. Ha ! Using a combination of techniques that I'd never seen or heard of before, Dr. Donna put it all back in place in a matter of minutes without using the standard gross manipulation techniques that had repeatedly failed me in the past. I don't know what they call it and I don't care, I don't take pain meds anymore, and haven't for almost a year. I go back and see Dr. Brandon about every two weeks and get tuned up and have been able to regain and maintain my fairly active life. If Dr. Brandon is unavailable I go to Dr. Stacey in Blue Ridge. I add in Angela's wonderful massages when recommended by the Doctors. Wife Diane also depends on Life Chiropractic with regular visits to keep her alignment going. I asked Dr. Stacey if she would find a chiropractor in Texas for my son who lives near San Antonio. She did and he went and came out of there on his first visit in amazement - and healed - he also had a long term issue that wasn't fixed with the standard techniques. So - from both of us, a heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to all the staff at Family Life.